Simple love spells with ingredients are not as simple as you hear the word. Theses are very powerful love spell but because of the simplicity of there spell process thats why they are called simple love spells. Before you order for this spell make sure that you are have decided on what you want to achieve in your love life. Are you looking for love? Do you want to make your partner obedient to you? In whatever the circumstance my powerful simple love spell will help you achieve your target but under my guidelines. The reason for this is that you will not manage to perform this ritual on your own even though you have the right ingredients with you. Hence just call me now I direct you on how to cast a simple love spells.

Simple love spell with ingredients that are so powerful

There are a number of ways you can perform this simple love spells under my guidelines. The following is what you need before performing this ritual:

Things you need;

  1. 1 sheet of lined paper
  2. 1red pen
  3. Envelope
  4. Favorite perfume
  5. Red lipstick
  6. and a few red roses petals.

Write down the qualities you want in a lover on the sheet of lined paper using a red pen. Spray the paper with your perfume, fold the paper and place it inside the envelope. Similarly, take the red petals and hold them inside your right hand.

Now I want you to visualize as you squeeze the red petals hard. Imagine your self happy and in love, with that person, you desire so much. as the powers of the universe summon him, then after dropping the petals inside the envelope, then seal the envelope.

Similarly, apply the red lipstick and kiss the seal of the envelope. Place it in a safe place and never open it again because if you do the spell will be broken then wait for that person.

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